Why do I own this device?

Customer’s have always owned the backflow preventers. Most of the surrounding communities have the same ordinance in place. Government agencies with similar Ordinances include but not limited: City of Ocoee, City of Winter Park, City of Winter Garden, City of Altamonte, and Seminole County.

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1. Is the Cross Connection Program new?
2. Why do I own this device?
3. Why is the City following up now about the backflow device?
4. Why is this device required?
5. What is the backflow prevention device for or do?
6. Do I have to do this requirement for my backflow preventer?
7. What if my house is less than two years old?
8. Can I get an extension for my backflow preventer?
9. Where is my backflow preventer located?
10. Is there a list of Certified Backflow Testers?