Residential Backyard Chickens

Residential Backyard Chickens Information & Application

This residential backyard chicken application is for City of Apopka residents to acquire a permit for backyard chickens.  Button Download ApplicationRules 

  • You can have no more than 4 chickens (no roosters).
  • Chickens shall be permitted to be raised or kept only on a lot or parcel with a single-family detached residence or mobile home. 
  • Training Class: Residents are required to take a University of Florida Agricultural Extension Office Backyard Chicken Training Class. Please visit the UF/IFAS Extension in Orange County page to learn about this class and associated fees involved.  
  • Chicken coop and pen area shall be tied down to the ground for wind resistance. 
  • Maximum size chicken coop and pen area shall be one hundred square feet. The minimum size of the chicken coop shall be four square feet per chicken. The minimum size of the pen area shall be ten square feet per chicken.
  • The maximum height of the chicken coop and pen are shall be six feet, as measured from the existing grade to the highest part of the chicken coop or pen area.
  • The chicken coop and pen area shall be located only in the rear yard and be set back a minimum of fifteen feet from any side or side street property boundary. 
  • Please read Ordinance Number 2927 for complete details.

Submittal Requirements

  1. One copy of a dimensioned site plan or survey that contains the following: 
    1. All existing structures
    2. Proposed location of the chicken coop and pen area
    3. Setbacks from proposed chicken coop and pen area to all property lines
    4. Dimensions and height of pen area
    5. Required fencing or vegetative screening (Including height). Please note if this is existing. Any proposed fencing would require a separate fence permit. 
  2. Drawings of proposed chicken coop and pen showing details including area, height, materials, and tie downs.
  3. Copy of signed University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (UF/IFAS) Extension Orange County Backyard Chicken Training Class Certificate of Completion.
  4. Completed application for Residential Backyard Chickens. Application fee is the amount of $50. (Please Note: The fee is for the review of this request and is non-refundable. It does not guarantee you issuance of a backyard chicken keeping permit.)
    1. Email this PDF application to the Planning Department.
    2. Drop it by City Hall during normal business hours.