Recycling Education Initiative

Press Release: 

City of Apopka launched a pilot program in 2022 with Assistance from The Recycling Partnership to Dramatically Improve the Quality, Quantity of Residential Recycling Materials. Read the full 2020 Press Release for Feet on the Street (PDF).

Project Information:

The City of Apopka in partnership with The Recycling Partnership is launching a recycling education initiative, "Recycling Anti-Contamination: Feet on the Street." 

The goal of this project is to reduce contamination of recycling in the City’s single stream curbside recycling bins. As part of this initiative, all City residents in the designated project areas will receive an informational mailer on recyclable versus non-recyclables items.

Starting October 14, 2020, crews of tagging teams with MidAtlantic Solid Waste Consultants (MSW) will inspect recycling carts in and around Ariane Hills, Breckenridge, Clear Lake Estates, Clear Lake Landing, Errol Estates, Country Address, Sheeler Oaks, Fisher Plantation, Lake Heiniger, Landings at Rock Springs, Maudehellen, Partnership Hills, Pittman Estates, Rock Springs Estates, Rock Springs Ridge, Wekiva Crest and Woodfield Oaks. 

Based on the items found in the recycling cart, residential carts will receive a "Oops Warning!" (non-recyclables found in cart) tag. Carts given an "Oops-Warning" tag that are found to have non-recyclables in the following pick-up will be given an "Oops" tag and their cart rejected at the curb; the resident's cart will be picked up on their next recycling pick-up day if the correct items are found in the cart at that time.

Please note that tagging teams conducting curbside inspections of recycling carts have established and will be utilizing COVID-19 cart monitor and office protocols to ensure the safety of both the operators and our residents. 

The full list of items that can and cannot be recycled can be found on our Recycling page.

Please Leave These Items Out:

  • Do not bag recyclables (no garbage)
  • No plastic bags or plastic wrap (return to retail)
  • No food or liquid (empty & dry)
  • No clothing or linens (drop-off only)
  • No Cords, hoses, or chains
  • No tanks, wood, plastic furniture or metal. 

Please see the examples of both cart tags. 

OOPS! Tag First Warning

Oops! Tag First Warning with The Recycling Partnership Logo. Front & back of tag with list of items.

OOPS! Tag Final Warning

Oops! Tags FinalWarning. The Recycling Partnership Logo. Front & back of the tag with list of items.

For questions or concerns regarding this initiative, please contact Josh Robinson by calling 407-703-1731.