Collection & Reuse of Stormwater

Communities across Florida are facing water supply challenges on a daily basis due to increasing demand, drought, and contamination of groundwater, and dependence on single sources of supply. Water reclamation and reuse addresses these challenges by resolving water resource issues and creating new, alternative sources of water supplies for landscape irrigation purposes. The City of Apopka is a recognized leader in the use of reclaimed water in Florida.

Stormwater Reuse

In 2006, the City developed a concept to address the need to create an alternative source of water to augment the reclaimed water supply and reduce its dependence on groundwater - stormwater reuse. Stormwater reuse entails collecting runoff from impervious areas, such as parking areas, highways, etc., and then using it as a source of irrigation water. The City approached the management of the stormwater as a resource rather than a waste.

Benefits of Stormwater Reuse

In addition to providing a sustainable, alternative source of water for non-potable irrigation purposes, stormwater reuse can also significantly reduce demand on higher quality potable water sources.

Water conservation benefits of stormwater reuse include the conservation of potable water supplies because the stormwater provides an alternative water source through the direct substitution in landscape irrigation.

Additional Benefits of Stormwater Reuse

Additional benefits of stormwater reuse include the maintenance of the hydrologic balance by redistributing the collected stormwater across an extensive landscape in a controlled manner and using the natural cleansing process within the landscape for improved water treatment.

With new water quality regulations coming into effect in 2011, which include Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL), this proactive approach will help the City reduce the amount of pollution that could potentially reach the groundwater supply for years to come.