Community Development


Welcome to the City of Apopka Community Development Department! The department is comprised of three divisions:

Duties & Responsibilities

The Community Development Department strives to set the highest standards and expectations for customer and resident satisfaction in the implementation and administration of various city, state, and federal codes and regulations.

The Community Development Department is responsible for managing a wide range of services related to the physical development of the City of Apopka, including:

  • Annexation programs
  • Construction permitting and inspection
  • Economic development
  • Long-range strategic and land use planning
  • Site and building plan review

The Department also provides staff support for the Planning Commission, the Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Redevelopment Advisory Board, as well as professional and technical services to other internal Departments.

Planning Functions

The Community Development Department is responsible for the planning functions of the City. The department prepares, updates, and enforces the Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Code, and Development Design Guidelines.

These documents provide vision and guidance for the future development of Apopka so that the City's quality of life can be maintained and enhanced.

Please Note: Starting June 5, 2023 the City of Apopka will be implementing a new survey processing time-frame. 

All foundation and final surveys will have a 2 to 3 business day turn-around time. 

Any questions, please contact John Hanson

Proposed Apopka Trail Map

The City of Apopka's Downtown Trail System will include the following trails: 

  1. E. Station Street / E. 6th Street from S. Central Avenue to McGee Avenue 
  2. Michael Gladden Boulevard from Hawthorne Ave. to S. Park Avenue 
  3. S. Hawthorne Avenue from W. Michael Gladden Avenue to 5th Street
  4. 5th Street from S. Hawthorne Avenue to Marvin Zanders Avenue

Button Downtown Trail Map

Download the Apopka Downtown Trail Map (PDF)