What is a Precautionary Boil Water Notice?

This is a notification that advises our customers to boil tap water if it is going to be used for drinking or cooking. These notices last a minimum of two days to allows us to verify that the water is safe with two passing bacteriological samples. These types of notices are usually issued if there has been a emergency repair in your area or a scheduled shut down for maintenance to the system. Shut downs and repairs cause a loss of pressure to the system that may allow contaminates to enter. We issue the boil water notices as a precaution even though contamination is unlikely. We collect our first sample shortly after the completion or the work, and then collect a second sample the next day. Each of the tests for bacteria take 24 hours to run. We strongly encourage our customers to boil their water due to these disruption to the water system in their area. These notices do not mean that the water is contaminated, but because we are unsure when these situations happen, we ask you to take precautions and assume that the water is unsafe, until we can scientifically prove otherwise.

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