Someone contacted me about a free in-home water test. Do they represent the City of Apopka?

The City of Apopka Water Department tests and treats your water every day, to make sure that it meets or exceeds all State and Federal requirements for safe drinking water. City of Apopka Employees will always be in City issued uniforms with the City logo on them and have visible City of Apopka photo ID cards. We’ll never need to enter your home as we take all of our samples at outside faucets.  

Companies that offer “free “ home water tests may be trying to sell you water treatment products that you don’t need. Be suspicious if you are told or shown an in home test that has detected pollution of contamination in your water. In-home tests are highly unreliable and are very rarely able to detect harmful substances. Tests that make tap water “change color” may make it appear the your water is unhealthy, when it is perfectly safe. All sample testing for the City of Apopka water is completed by an outside State Certified lab that is held to strict testing requirements. If you have any questions please contact us.

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