Permits & Applications

Online Applications

      1. Completed Special Event Permit Application (Online Form or print form can be requested at
      2. Event Description
      3. A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 or completed application for waiver of permit fee is due when application is submitted. Staff will contact you about this step.
      4. Event insurance, A certificate of general liability insurance listing the “City of Apopka” as ‘Additional Insured’ must be submitted. Copy of the declaration sheet and endorsement page must be included. Additional insurance may be required, please see the event insurance requirements.
      5. A site plan (Map) or Parade/Race Route MUST be submitted with your application. Map must identify location of staging, tents, parking, barricades, vendors, and restrooms and must be to scale.
      6. Letter from the property owner granting permission for use of their property. (if on private property)
      7. If alcohol will be served at your event you must include the alcohol permit and insurance with the completed permit
      8. Copies of flyers and advertisements.
      9. Policies and protocols in regards to CDC Guidelines/COVID-19 & social distancing.
      10. Copy of current Business Tax Receipt.
      11. All renters and vendors must have a listing with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. Visit for more information about the process of registering a business.