Storm Waste Collection


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Before a Storm Arrives

Preparation Tips: Before a Storm is Coming

  • Do not wait for a storm to be named to clear your property, do your tree trimming and yard clearing now and place at the curb on your bulky day.

Preparation for Named Storm

  • Monitor the City’s website and social media for updates on when regular sanitation services will stop before the storm. 
  • Secure garbage containers or move them inside prior to the arrival of the storm. 
  • Clear your property of any items that could be a danger to you or your neighbors in hurricane-force winds.
  • The following locations are available to the public for tree & construction debris:
    • Golden Gem Landfill (3602 Golden Gem Road) Call 407-886-4879 for additional information. Normal Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday 7 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 7 AM to 2 PM. 
    • Waste Management Vista Landfill (242 W. Keene Road) Normal Operations are Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM. 


Private/Gated Communities: Emergency Debris Removal

The City will coordinate when possible with private/gated communities, but remember that debris removal from private/gated property is the responsibility of the property owner. Here are the options for private/gated communities in Apopka:

  • Option 1: Residents may set out vegetative debris according to the regular yard waste program however this collection will be delayed until city-maintained rights-of-ways are cleared.  An HOA representative can contact Josh Robinson at 407-703-1731 for any further questions.
  • Option 2: The HOA/Management Company may opt to have the debris placed on public right of way outside the private/gated community property line. The private/gated community will then contract with a private contractor to remove the debris from the private/gated community to the designated public right of way during the predetermined time period. The City debris removal contractor will be responsible for coordinating the debris removal from the public right of way during the specified time period to ensure the area remains clear for the safety of all citizens.
  • Option 3: In the event public right of way is not available outside the gates of the private/gated community, residents or their private contractor may bring their debris to the designated citizen drop off location at Gate 5 on Appy Lane.