Decoration of Lots

  1. Artificial or fresh cut flowers may be placed in a metal or plastic vase at the top/head of the space at any time. However, they will be discarded when wilted, faded, broken, or anything of a similar nature.
  2. Sprays, wreaths, and baskets made from fresh cut flowers will be allowed up to two weeks or when they no longer conform to the decorum of the cemetery or become a safety hazard.
  3. Items placed on cemetery spaces in celebration of a holiday must be removed within ten days following the holiday, with the exception of Christmas which items must be removed within thirty days following the holiday.
  4. Fences around burial spaces are strictly prohibited. Fences installed will be removed by the City and may not be replaced.
  5. The planting of any kind of trees, vines, or shrubs is strictly prohibited without approval of the cemetery personnel.
  6. Sod may be installed at grade level only.
  7. Burial space owners/heirs are responsible for the appearance of their burial space; however, the City reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating burial spaces and reserves the right, without notice, to prohibit or remove benches, chairs, settees, hanging plant hooks, vases, artificial flowers, ceramic figurines, picture frames containing glass, grave corners, toys, or any articles that do not conform to the decorum or rules and regulations of the cemetery or becomes a safety hazard.
  8. The City shall not be held liable for lost, misplaced or broken vases, any other decorations, or damage by the elements, thieves, vandals, or by causes beyond its control.
  9. Any furnishings or structures that are deemed unsafe by cemetery personnel shall be removed after prior notice is given or attempted to be given to the burial space owner/heir.
  10. Cemetery personnel shall have the authority to order the pruning, transplanting or removal of trees, shrubs, vines, plants, or anything growing upon a burial space when they may consider such action in the best interest in the cemetery.