Industrial Waste

Protecting our Environment

Pretreatment rules and wastewater discharge standards are established on the State and Federal levels. The City of Apopka’s Industrial Pretreatment Program implements these standards on our industrial and non-domestic wastewater customers. We issue enforceable wastewater discharge permits that specify regulated pollutants, discharge standards and levels, monitoring, reporting requirements, and various conditions.

Apopka’s Industrial Pretreatment Program strives to lower the impact of industrial waste on the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) and the environment by working with the industries in our service area to ensure that State and Federally Mandated Water Quality Parameters are met and maintained.

The number one goal of the City’s pretreatment program is to remove, reduce, or alter pollutants from industrial or non-domestic wastewater sources before they enter the sewer system, this in turn reduces the amount of pollutants released back into the environment through the use of reclaimed water.

The program monitors our industries discharges for pollutants that can damage the POTW, pass through the wastewater treatment plant unaltered, and cause threat to public or employee health and welfare. By not allowing these pollutants into our system we can increase the beneficial uses of reclaimed water and sludges for public reuse.