Landscape Requirements

  • No more than 50% of the green space area or 0.5 acre, whichever is smaller, may be planted with a lawn grass that has a rating of low drought tolerance (i.e. St. Augustine grasses).
  • Medians, open spaces and retention areas must use drought tolerant grasses with a rating of medium or better (i.e. Bahia grass).
  • Plant selection must be based on the plant's adaptability to the existing conditions at the site.
  • Appropriate hardiness zone, soil type, moisture conditions, exposure to sun, and the mature plant size must be considered.
  • The landscape must be installed a minimum of 2.5 feet from the foundation.
  • Turf and non-turf areas are to be designed to be distinctly separate when irrigation is used.
  • Plants must be selected based upon Florida Friendly landscape concepts outlined in the UF/IFAS Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook (PDF) and published in the UF/IFAS Florida-Friendly Plant List (PDF) (current addition). Trees and plants other than those listed in the Florida Friendly Plant List must be approved by the City.
  • Root barriers with a minimum depth of 36 inches must be installed when canopy trees are planted within 5 feet from utilities, walls, sidewalks and any other structure as determined by the city.
  • Single-family residential developments are required to submit a self-certification checklist and a list of plants installed on the site to the City upon completion of the installation. A copy of the checklist and plant list must also be provided to the property owner. A random number of inspections by the City may be conducted.
  • A valid permit must be obtained from the City prior to installation, expansion, or modification for all development except for individual single-family residential homes.
  • Prior to the issuance of a permit for construction of a new non-residential building, common area, or the substantial alteration of a non-residential building or site, a landscape plan (when required) shall be submitted and approved by the City.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Public Services Department at 407-703-1731.